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SOCIA Lab. – Soft Computing and Image Analysis Group 

Department of Computer Science, University of Beira Interior, 6201-001 Covilhã, Portugal



NICE.I Important Dates


·         July 1st, 2007: Start of the NICE.I application forms reception period. (DONE)


·         January 7th, 2008: Start of the NICE.I contest (delivery of the training data set and of the automatic evaluation framework). (DONE)


·         September 30th, 2008: Deadline for the submission of application executables. (DONE)


·         October 15th, 2008: NICE.I classification. The best participants are requested to submit a paper for publication on the Elsevier Image and Vision Computing Journal. The remaining participants that wish to publish their method in the NICE.I proceedings (with ISBN) are also requested to submit a paper. (DONE)


·         December 15th, 2008: Deadline for paper submission.


·         February 15th, 2009: Authors notification.


·         April 1st, 2009: Deadline for the submission of revised papers.


·         July 15th, 2009: Publication of the Elsevier Image and Vision Computing Journal special issue. Electronic publication of the NICE.I proceedings.








DI-UBI Bloco VI Rua Marquês de Ávila e Bolama P- 6201-001 Covilhã PORTUGAL